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Welcome to our website!

Our company imports and distributes electronic components. We specialize in supplying ABS, polycarbonate and aluminium enclosures.

We distribute products made by Gainfa, Supertronic, Sanhe, Boxco and other companies.

We offer a broad range of enclosures in different sizes and colours. The products combine modern design, high quality and excellent physical properties.

You can order by mail, Internet, or telephone, no matter how big your order is. All orders are shipped directly from our warehouse.

If you are not our customer and would like to get to know our prices, please email us at biuro@elmag.net.pl or call us at +48 12 2590940.

We offer enclosures for electronic, electromechanical, and mechanical instruments and devices used in consumer electronics, industrial automation, telecommunications, IT, medical technology, security systems and many other sectors.

We are constantly striving to improve our service in order to fulfil all needs of our customers. 

Besides enclosures, we also import and sell other electronic components produced by ELNA, NICHICON,JRC, SANKEN, TOSHIBA, RENESAS, ALPS  etc.


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